Fenring of Eldurhöfen

Dwarven adventurer and whaler


Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Level: 3

Age: 61
Home: The port of Eldurhöfen
Raiment: A sealskin coat with scrimshaw buttons.
Parents: Skaldri and Issa
Friend: Mab Badwife in Porth Ia
Enemy: The pirates of the ship “Draco”
Alignment: Unaffiliated.

Belief: If the ocean, storms, sea monsters and pirates couldn’t kill me, I must be destined to live long enough to tell a great story. It will be a good one.

Current Goal: Find out what happened to the inhabitants of this inn.

Instinct: Always try to procure whatever useful gear we’ll need before proceeding.

Born of Earth and Stone: 1
Jaded: 1
Defender: 1

Will: 3
Health: 5
Nature: 5/4 (Descriptors: Fear what lies beneath, Craft works of beauty, Avenge a grudge.)
Resources: 1
Circles: 3

Foul weather-wise
Busy Crossroads-wise

Armorer: 2
Cook: 2
Dungeoneer: 3
Fighter: 4
Haggler: 3
Hunter: 2
Orator: 2
Scavenger: 3
Scout: 2
Sailor: 2
Laborer 1

Head: Helmet (worn)
Neck: Whalebone charm (worn)
Hands: Harpoon (carried)
Diamond Ring (worn)
Torso: Sealskin coat, Leather Armor, Backpack (all worn)
Belt pouch: dry rations (3 days)
Belt weapon: Awl (treat as dagger)
Wineskin: Wine (full)
Feet: Shoes (worn)
Backpack: Rope, Iron Spikes, Hammer, Sack (large) Torches (1)


Fenring will tell you little of his life before joining the crew of the whaling cog “Beatrix.” The fact is, he is something of a prodigal son to a renowned, old and obscenely wealthy clan in the city of Eldurhofn, on a volcanic island far across the great Northern Sea. He grew up with stories of great heroes and hunters of gigantic monsters, but his lands had long been tamed. Rather than facing a life of architecture and factory management, Fenring joined a whaling crew for a three year tour. He promised to return with great stories to add to his clan’s own Edda.

The crew of the Beatrix quickly became his new family, the work was bloody and dangerous, the foreign ports all held gorgeous mysteries and intriguing customs, and Fenring came to feel he had found his home and a life worth living. This was not to be.

Having recruited talented native Euskaldunak whalers on the north coast of Iverni, the Beatrix’s watchmen spotted the signal fire of a listing ship, the merchant ship “Draco.” The captain ordered a rescue mission. The Draco was indeed sinking, but the crew aboard were pirates, led by a mad, merciless captain, whose name Fenring did not learn. After safely ferrying the Draco’s crew aboard the Beatrix, Fenring had stayed aboard the damaged ship to assess the possibility of repair and salvage any remaining supplies. When he returned to the dinghy, he saw the Beatrix sailing away from him to the north, in a trail of blood and the floating remains of his crewmates.Every last man had been slaughtered.

Fenring cannot remember how long he rowed. The sweet water and little food he had scavenged on the Draco had run out for some days, but he continued to row, fueled by vengeance and loss. Nearly dead, he somehow managed to strike land not far from Porth Ia, a harbor town on the northern coast of Kernow, county Dunmonii. Mab Badwife, a merchant widow, nursed him back to health after her children discovered the dwarf in his boat.

Fenring of Eldurhöfen

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