Deacon Symeon

Brother in Service to the Immortal Lords


Stock: Human
Class: Cleric
Level: 1

Age: 39
Home: The Chapel of St. Bastianbux the Younger, Bustling Metropolis, County Bustling, Wesnylland

Raiment: Red and gray cloak around leather and jerkin.
Parents: Orphan (Magnus and Ranke)
Friend: Eustace of Hamme, Senechal to House Metreaux
Enemy: Skallagrímr the Odd, Warrior and Rebel
Alignment: Law

Belief: I may be a messenger of the Immortal Lords, but my fate and word are my own.

Current Goal: Get the party out of the inn safe

Instinct: Always know your surroundings

Will: 4
Health: 4
Nature: 4/4 (Descriptors: Boasting, Demanding. Running.)
Resources: 0
Circles: 4

Thoughful: 1
Touched by the Gods: 1


Fighter: 2
Healer: 3
Steward: 2
Ritualist: 4
Scholar: 2
Theologian: 3


Symeon, born Olafr Jonsí Magnússon in Flyby, Vågenhallastaður, is the sole son of Magnús the Incredulous, the late Jarl of Vågerike. At age 9, Olafr was sent away on the orders of his elder sister, Brígitta Rankesdóttir, to the Abbey of Eskilsstrand to live amongst the Benevolent Brothers for his protection. As Brígitta rallied her slain father’s banner men to exact vengeance on the treacherous Skallagrímr the Odd and his raiders, the dreaded Gnoll Supplicants, for their attack on Vågenhalla and murder of her parents – Olafr would receive education under the Brothers and wait until reaching maturity before taking the Mossy Throne.

30 years later, Brígitta still has not sent message to the Abbey for Olafr to take his rightful place in Vågenhalla, which is still in temporary administration under Brígitta’s iron torc. At age 21, the Brothers suggested that Olafr should take vows, because it “may be a very long wait and you may as well make yourself useful, as your hyena-loving, hateful banshee of a sister stopped sending tithes 10 years ago.” Though Brígitta quashed the rebellion in Vågerike, Skallagrímr escaped her capture. Skallagrímr swore to destroy House Våge and steal the Jarl’s signet ring for himself. He began to hunt for the jarldom’s rightful heir, Olafr. All of this was just persuasive enough for Olafr to consider the Brothers’ request.

After taking the Shroud, Olafr assumed the religious name of Symeon, after the Hyddffolk’s customary name for the legendary Forgotten Martyr of Nebelsrike. Soon afterwards, the Abbey sent Symeon to continue his studies of the Immortal Lords at the Chapel of St. Bastianbux the Younger in Bustling Metropolis. It is said that Symeon first displayed the touch of the divine when approached by the Senechal of Lord Metreaux, Eustace of Hamme, to deal with a peculiar situation involving Metreaux’s cuckquean and recently deceased wife, the Lady Riva Niedermeier. It is said that due to Symeon’s aid, the halls of Metreaux’s palace finally knew peace from the recurring, disembodied whisper of the phrase “cunting sluggard.”

Some time after Symeon was appointed court chaplin, Lord Metreaux lost his life during the Widerstand Aventuriens – the war sparked by the untimely death of Lady Niedermeier. Despite all requests to the Immortal Lords for divine help with Lord Metreaux, Symeon was unable to render roast back into living ruler. Symeon’s invaluable service to the city was forgotten by all of House Metreaux except for Eustace, leaving Symeon again without proper support from peers in his former station.

Today, Symeon is often sent on missionary work throughout Greater County Bustling at the behest of the Chapel. This includes requests for appearances at weddings, funerals, plagues and the occasional expedition into the Wood to render aid or last rights to volunteers under County Bustling’s “Explorer’s Bounty” initiative. It is rumored that during service for the initiative one late evening, Symeon threw his jarldom ring into the maw of a possessed neo-otyugh, naming it the rightful heir of House Våge.

Deacon Symeon

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