The Crypt Robber's Union

The Missing Seaman
Part I

The crew of adventurers took work from a young magician who had taken a job that required more than his quick wits to accomplish. They accepted the task of locating the third son of House Dinefwr. Their scion had left the family upon coming of age rather than join the clergy. To spite his father and mother he took to commoners work, traveling to the city of Conwy, eventually landing in the notorious second walled city of Lower Conwy, where he worked as a longshoreman and occasional sailor. Following the lead, the band sneaked across the wall into Lower Conwy. After getting into a row with a group of drunk sailors, they eventually impressed upon a few of them the importance of their task and were led to the bar/brothel the young man was a supposed frequenter, The Happy Harlot. After a brief exchange with the proprietor, a stout dwarf named Rocky and one of his ladies of the night, the group set off for the main hall of the Longshoreman’s Guild. After taking another bad turn, they fought their way through a group of thugs, eventually locating the guild. There, Cornelius the elf made quick friends by singing bawdy songs with the longshoremen and their bard. They told them all they could about Alexandre and his sweetheart Nicole, sending them on their way with a map to an upscale (especially by Lower Conwy standards) hotel called The Lavender Orchid. With some difficulty, and a trip down an alley into a cholera ward, they eventually arrived at another wall, one that separated the rest of Lower Conwy from the district run by the “Counts of Lower Conwy”. With some difficulty they convinced the gate guard Philip to let them pass into the Count’s district where they took rest in a small park with a duck pond. Rested and somewhat recuperated they hope to soon find the Hotel and the eloping couple.

The Three Squires
The Abandoned Inn

Following rumors of an old man who claimed to have knowledge of a recently unearthed burial mound, Fenring, Symeon, and Stephan took to the road. After a a hard day of hiking, their destination was in sight, the famous Three Squires Inn. Their mouths already salivating for the sausages and sour beer, and minds full of dreams of the gold and jewels to be found in the tomb unearthed by the old man they were brought up short by the inn’s dark windows. There was no sign of a warm cooking fire. No sign of patrons. No music.


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