Stephen of the Order of Light

Belief - Evil must be confronted.


Young. So very young. Barely past pubescence, and full of the righteousness that stems from fervent belief and youthful energy. He stands at nearly 6’, muscular, and carries nought but his armaments, rations, and holy symbol. His armor is simple, but the large paen to the Lords of Light etched into the front of his shield is not. The shield looks much more worn than his tender years, ancient nearly, as if it had been carried by many before him.

He keeps his dark hair cropped close, better for combat, and shaves what few hairs grow on his face as regularly as he is able. He takes no drink, stays in simple places, and wishes to spend the rest of his days rooting out evil and chaos wherever it can be found.


At the age of four I was brought to the brothers. I barely remember my parents, or my home, I know they burned, I know an evil beneath my village was awoken by a foolish, elven explorer…Cornelius, but that is all I remember of them.

The brothers of Light were good to me. It was not an easy life, but I did no more hard work than any child, and I was fed, protected. As I came of age they trained me with sword and shield, taught me to value compassion, justice, and honor. I spent 12 years with the brothers, and on my 16th birthday was gifted the sword and shield I carry. Each has been handed down from brother to brother through the ages, each has a history, its own legacy.

But that life is over now. Not long after my knighthood ceremony, a great pestilence swept the monastery clean. I was the only survivor, and only because I had been sent to town to spread the word and arrange some trade with the local church’s new priest. I arrived three days after the last soul had perished, and I know this only because he tacked a note to the gate before setting himself alight with the rest of my brothers. Even in death they protected others – burning their home to the ground to prevent the plague from spreading.

I will take up their cause, for I am all that remains of my kin. They have passed from this world into the light, and for that I am thankful, but I miss them dearly. Without a home to which I can return, I will travel. I will spread the word by example, and in time perhaps rebuild the order. For now, though, I have a strong arm and an empty stomach – I will help the good folks of the world with their ills and, if the Lords be pleased, perhaps be rewarded for it.

Stephen of the Order of Light

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