Cellos Burrysgall

Halfling grifter and burglar



Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Age: 42
Home: City of Cardyf
Rainment: Heavy sea leathers, and a big floppy hat.
Friend: Otter, Sailor
Enemy: Darius Criu, Lvl 1 Thief
Level: 1
Belief: Just geting to the next meal is the only adventure worth having.
Instinct: Always scouts ahead to look for trouble


Hidden Depths 1
Jaded 1


Will 5
Health 3
Nature 3 (Sneaking, Riddling, Merry Making)
Resources 0
Circles 3


Needs a little salt
Scoundrel wise


Cook 3
Criminal 4 (specialty)
Fighter 3
Hunter 2
Manipulator 2
Scavenger 2
Scout 2
Sailor 2





Worn: Tiny book of aphorisms on a chain given to him by his mother on his twelfth birthday.


Carried: Lantern


Worn: Leather
Worn: Rope
Worn: Satchel


Pouch: Tinderbox
Weapon: Hand Axe
Skin: Wine (full)




Flask of Oil (2)
Small Sack (2)
Rations (preserved) 3


Early Childhood

From an early age, Cello’s personality seemed to get him into trouble. He was born on a small farm in a rustic halfling community outside of Cardyf. Although most halfling children play at practical jokes and small thefts, usually of food stuffs, Cellos’ jokes and thefts began with a mean streak not often found among the small folk, and only picked up pace as he got older. As punishment for a scam/joke he now refuses to talk about, he was banished for two winters at the age of 16. When he left for the streets of Cardyf, he never once looked back.


Cellos spent several years on the streets of Cardyf, as a petty grifter and thief. Always, bounce from one scam to another, it was only a matter of time before one of his marks, and the city watch, caught up with him. But for the treachery of one of his companions, his attempt at performing the Turtle and Boat con (of his own making) would have succeeded and he would have been able to retire comfortably. Instead, he retired to the Cardyf county sheriff’s jail, sentenced to branding and 20 years. He was only left to the sherriff’s tender mercies for three and a half years before he was sold to a muster looking to fill a privateer boat with cheap labor.

Aboard The Running Clean

Perhaps its name was a cruel joke, or perhaps it was a different ship far in its past, but the ship The Running Clean was his new home. It spent the first six months training and working many of those mustered from the jail and others like it nearly to death. Then it went abroad to find foreign ships to take. Cellos again won’t talk much of his time on the ship, but after several successful attacks the ship found itself attacking a lone merchant barge that was a trap. Shortly after boarding began an enemy warship pulled up along side the ship and sent it into the deep. Cellos was one of the few survivors, having escaped at the first opportunity aboard a rowboat.


Cellos has returned to the city life, but finds the old cons hold little magic to them. Fearing a return to a cell, he has decided he would rather die in the jaws of a terrible monster, fighting with his axe all the way down, than a slow withering death in a jail cell.

Cellos Burrysgall

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